25 February 2015

As a property owner or occupier, you need to start looking at how the minimum energy efficiency standards (MEES) will affect the marketability and value of your properties. If you have properties that do not meet the requirements of MEES, now is the time to start putting things right.

To get ready for MEES, there are five steps we can help you with:

Identify buildings with E, F and G ratings.

This will involve a site visit to assess your building’s plant and services, followed by remodelling in the latest EPC software to get the building’s current EPC rating. Your rating may be better or worse than the original. The EPC Assessor will highlight improvements that you can make to improve your EPC rating. Recent remodelling has seen E and D ratings drop to F and G, so this is an important exercise to carry out.

This begins with step two and results in abespoke EPC improvement plan for your asset with costs and payback periods. The building services engineer and fabric consultant validate the EPC Assessors new model and review the recommendations. This is to identify what is most appropriate for the property, before calculating indicative Capital Expenditure, rates of return and highlighting practical implications of each option. The recommendations are provided in a report, with the option of a follow up meeting to agree the best strategy and next steps.

An EPC assessor can provide an overview report indicating what the current EPC rating would be. It identifies areas for improvement according to the current EPC model. This approach is suitable for proposed refurbishments to make sure a desirable EPC rating is achieved by the design team and scheme.

If you do need to improve your EPC rating, acting on it early will help you to protect the value of your assets.  Our building services engineers and fabric consultants can project manage these works for you.