Key questions answered by our current graduates

I did a work placement at Capita to gain some experience in the property industry, and really enjoyed the culture and work ethic of the company.  Therefore, when it came to applying for grad schemes, naturally Capita was at the top of my list. Capita stood out to me because it is part of the wider Capita Group, a FTSE 100 Company. Being part of this wider global company provides opportunities to cross-sell within the business and share knowledge, which I think is a great asset and unique selling point for Capita over our competitors. Ella Randell-Khan

I was attracted to work for Capita due to the businesses positioning in the FTSE 100, and the chance to work for a globally recognisable brand, with access to high profile and exciting clients. Equally, the size of Capita’s Real Estate division allows for all the benefits and personal employer relationship received from a medium sized organisation. Chris Bradshaw

Doing my first deal. Working in the Agency team, I had a great deal of exposure to the sales process by working closely with those around me. However, there is no feeling quite like getting your own disposal over the line and ringing the deal bell. Cameron Benge

Working with the Industrial team on some nationwide contracts means that the sites we deal with are all over the UK and are in a variety of interesting and challenging locations. The experience gained through viewing and disposing of such a wide selection of properties has been a truly memorable experience for me. Joseph Jenkins

Client recognition. While working on the National Grid account, Capita’s Agency team was nominated for, and won, an award for the auction process that we had implemented to aid the high volume of disposals we were dealing with. Cameron Benge

Winning the ‘Best Property Efficiency’ award from one of our biggest clients. It meant so much to myself and the teams involved, as we introduced and created a process that they were initially resistant to, only for it to become a process that we relied on to help meet business plan targets. Joyce Ncube

Capita has provided me with lots of different CPD options both internally and externally. I have regular meetings with my supervisor and councillor who have guided me through the process and proved invaluable to my progress. Jack Paxford

Each month there is an opportunity to attend ‘Graduate Forums’ in which Directors of various parts of the business give presentation about their work. They’re informal, interactive and a great opportunity to ask questions and gain a broader understanding of the industry. The opportunity to regularly attend meetings with a variety of clients has also helped me appreciate the importance of good client service and how this is achieved; experience which I will undoubtedly find invaluable throughout the entirety of my career. Adam Sciberras

From day one, all new graduates are assigned APC councillors and supervisors who monitor your progress, and provide support throughout the process. Equally, Capita employs an external APC consultant who is on hand to provide you with answers to any questions you may have about the process. The structured rotations of the graduate scheme also provide you the opportunity to gain the breadth of experience needed for your APC. Chris Bradshaw

I am hardly a year into my APC but already Capita has out performed themselves. They have provided extra valuation support by bringing in an external trainer who meets with us at least once a month. We have been set various different tasks to complete to make sure we are up to speed on particular subjects, and have meetings every quarter, in which our progress is reviewed and ticked off, or areas of weakness are highlighted and a strategy is implemented to ensure this is strengthened by the next meeting. The support is comprehensive, and although you stand on your own two feet, there is always a safety net there if it is needed. Lauren Roth-Brown

We have regular performance plan appraisals to check up on your progress and provide an opportunity for you to raise concerns or queries with respect to your personal development in an informal setting. This has made me feel very comfortable in the workplace and given me goals and targets to work towards. There is also continuous support to expand your learning, from external speakers from CoStar, EGI advising on opportunities to improve your property data search methods, to internal grad forum presentations that provide a taste of ongoing projects within other departments. Ella Randell-Khan

The most useful part was having the support and guidance from an external advisor. In the seminars, it gives you the opportunity to ask questions on topics, which are not usually covered, and debate amongst your peers. Liam Taylor

I can honestly say I would not do anything differently. My time at Capita has been one of a kind, an experience I know I would not have received anywhere else. It has given me a unique knowledge of the company and of the industry and has opened my eyes to the workings of large businesses. For that reason, I would not change this experience for anything. Lauren Roth-Brown

Start recording your experience in your APC diary from the word ‘go’! Pav Panesar

One of the most enjoyable elements of the job is the diversity of the daily tasks and activities. A typical week may include a range of both acquisition and disposal inspections, market research, negotiating with other agents in the market and formally reporting to clients. This has made me increasingly aware of the importance of time management and commercial awareness when focusing on strong client care. Around half of my time is spent out of the office on behalf of our clients. Lauren Roth-Brown

My typical day can vary so much, there’s never one day that’s ever the same. One day I’ll find myself on a site visit doing a property inspection in Bristol, and another will be more office based dealing with new leases and attending team meetings. An important aspect of my day-to-day work is dealing with clients. From day one, I was talking to clients and building rapport. I think clients want to get to know the people who are looking after them on both a personal and business level so regular communication is key at Capita. Ella Randell-Khan

There are loads of social activities to get involved in! I am currently playing in the softball team, which is so much fun. I have supported the hockey team and I know there is a great football team as well. On top of this, the Graduates are in charge of organising a quiz night for Comic Relief and we all went to the Surveyor Rugby Sevens recently which was a great day out. Of course, we cannot forget the regular work drinks, which take place in one of the many nearby bars! There is never a quiet day, and always something to get stuck in to whether it is sport, social or charitable! Lauren Roth-Brown

There is a great social side to Capita, and I have been particularly involved from a sporting perspective. I have represented the company at Softball, Hockey and it was my third outing at the Property Triathlon. I also get involved in team days which can include anything from fancy dress to climbing walls and zip wires. Jack Paxford

The culture. Although Capita is a large company, it has retained the character and qualities that are so important to the property industry, namely the social dimension. There is a very relaxed environment in the office with a huge amount of diversity yet a lot of like minded people. The number of colleagues who choose to spend time together outside of working hours is testament to this, and the culture that has been harboured within the workplace. Cameron Benge

The thing I enjoy most about working for Capita is the positive and collaborative working environment, where your contribution is rewarded and valued from the very start. Colleagues from all departments at Capita are more than willing to share with you their own expertise, regardless of where your current rotational seat is, which as a graduate, is perfect for expanding property knowledge base. Chris Bradshaw

Get as much work experience as possible, as it will give you a chance to stand out from the rest of the applicants at assessment days, and it is a chance to show your interviewer what makes you different. Continuity of employment is important, as it shows that you are a driven individual and that you have a good work ethic, which is paramount in the fast-paced agency world. And remember the more diverse your CV the better chance you have of standing out at interview. Oscar Smith

It’s really important to turn up to the careers fairs and have a chat with us, we are there to help you and advise you. Also, get as much varied work experience as you can and start building your network on LinkedIn. Adam Sciberras